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Open access to publications
Practice of providing free online access to peer-reviewed articles published in academic journals / research data.
There are two types of open access:

  • green (free of charge): self-archiving – document is archived by the author in an online repository before, alongside or after its publication; repository software usually allows authors to delay access to the article for an embargo period;
  • gold (charges apply): open publishing – publication is immediately provided in open access mode by the scientific publisher.

Open access to research data (also: Open Research Data Pilot)
Practice of making results public by providing free of charge access to digital research data (such as statistics, results of experiments, measurements, observations resulting from fieldwork, survey results, interview recordings and images) and giving the possibility to re-use it. Under H2020 projects are automatically part of the Open Research Data Pilot.

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Read more on the OA dedicated page.

Data Management Plans (DMPs) are a key element of good data management. A DMP describes the data management life cycle for the data to be collected, processed and/or generated by a Horizon 2020 project (or other projects, when requested).
As part of making research data findable, accessible, interoperable and re-usable (FAIR), a DMP should include information on:

  • the handling of research data during & after the end of the project
  • what data will be collected, processed and/or generated
  • which methodology & standards will be applied
  • whether data will be shared/made open access
  • how data will be curated & preserved (including after the end of the project).

A DMP is required for all projects participating in the extended ORD pilot, unless they opt out of the ORD pilot. However, projects that opt out are still encouraged to submit a DMP on a voluntary basis.

You can create, review, and share data management plans that meet institutional and funder requirements using DMPonline, provided by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC)

You can find several information about your research period at Bocconi in our Practical Guide for Researchers.

The guide is completed by the following Annexes:

— Annex 1: Instructions to fill in the Bocconi University Online Fiscal Declaration

— Annex 2: Sample form to benefit from the tax relief 

— Annex 3: Instructions to install Bocconi VPN

— Annex 4: IRIS user manual

Does your research involve human participants, data relating to directly identifiable human subjects or third countries? 
Do you need an Ethical Approval?

Please contact the Grants Office for any ethics requirements raised in the context of a funded research project.
If you need an Ethical Approval from Bocconi Ethics Committee Review, please apply through this link.

Read more on the Ethics dedicated page.

If you are required to fill in timesheets for your project, please see the guidelines for the use of Bocconi electronic timesheet at this link.

Any claims for expenses should comply with the Bocconi travel policy and the eligibility rules provided in the terms and conditions of your research award or contract.

Field trips in risky areas:

If your research involves empirical data collection/field trips, in difficult to reach areas (e.g. detention centres, prisons, war and conflict zones) or overseas, please consult the Director of your research centre and get advice from Bocconi’s own Travel Center.