Project Lifecycle

We support you throughout the project lifecycle, from the initial search for funding, to the closure of your award.

The Grants Office is committed to helping you prepare and submit successful proposals to external sponsors by:

  • identifying funding opportunities, guidelines and requirements;
  • supporting the proposal preparation, from eligibility/feasibility check to grant writing;
  • supporting the partnership creation;
  • developing budget and budget justification;
  • preliminary ethics review;
  • obtaining internal approval;
  • reviewing and submission of proposals;
  • organising ad hoc training and coaching (e.g. mock interviews)


Do you have a research idea?

  • Contact your Research Center Director to get in principle approval (If you are not affiliated with a Research Center please contact the Grants Office directly)
  • Have you identified funding? / Have you been invited to participate in a call for proposals?

    • Yes: Contact the Grants Office at least 15 days before the deadline to analyse the Call for proposal and guide you through the application process

    • No: Contact the Grants Office to assist you in finding funding opportunities

      Browse funding opportunities

Once your research project has been awarded, we provide guidance on the award set-up by:

  • reviewing award terms and conditions and negotiating any revisions with the funder
  • liaising with Bocconi legal e-desk
  • obtaining designated signature(s) on the contract
  • finalising awarded budget
  • setting up any collaboration or consortium agreements with project partners
  • setting up any subcontract/consultant agreements
  • discussing any ethics requirements and liaising with the Ethics Committee
  • providing a handover of the award to your research project administrator at your Research Center.

During your project, we provide expert guidance and services in support of:

  • monitoring expenses
  • eligibility of costs according to Funders’ rules
  • financial reporting to the funder and record retention
  • audits
  • hiring staff
  • timesheets
  • changes to your project and amendments
  • award closure