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Corporate Governance and Firm Organization: Nexuses and Frontiers

International Conference organized for the Bocconi University Centennial Bocconi University – Main Theatre via Sarfatti 25 Milano (Italy) December 5-8, 2002

Governance is one of the core concerns across a variety of fields in social sciences, and ranks high in the agenda of policy makers. As applied to economic behavior and firm organization, and finalized to public regulation, the study of governance has been predominantly framed as an agency relation issue between owership and control of the firm. That approach has been eventually broadened in various directions, discovering new nexuses and new frontiers. The Bocconis Centenary Conference on Governance is devoted explore those advances, with special attention to:
- the nexuses and possible combinations among the modes of allocating a broad range of rights, encompassing ownership, decision and control, reward, action and information rights;
- the nexuses between governance and organization arrangements within and between firms;
- the nexuses between the arrangements adopted in the past of a system and the possible subsequent trajectories opened to that system (hisorical and path dependency issues);
- the nexuses between broader institutional and economic regimes and the part of them regarding corporate governance.

The Conference is also oriented to explore the frontiers of governance and organization in more than one sense:
- it is interested in discovering and assessing superior arrangements, and not just in decribing any possible arragement or any difference among arrangements in different contexts, drawing on multiple sources of up-grading and learning such as selective learning from history, cross-country fertilization and learning, devising new methods for designing and engineering governance treaties among multiple parties;

- it is interested in understanding the governance implications of recent changes and future scenarios in the economic and organizational relations in modern economies, such as the new wave of enterpreneurship stimulated by the new technologies and the new economy both in the start-up firms and in large or established firms, the increased criticality of knowledge and human assets, the rate of change in activities and the rate of mobility in the resources allocated to them.

Therefore, the aim of the conference is twofold: it intends to enrich the corporate governance debate with management and organizational insights, and it intends to go beyond the rather descriptive debate on the variety of capitalism. By doing so, it intends to offer to scholars and policy makers design-oriented contributions on innovating, improving and engineering governance arrangements.

Programme (pdf file)


The language of the conference will be English and no simoultaneous translation will be provided.


Participation is free of charge and open to everyone, but registration is kindly requested for organizational reasons. Please fill in the registration form and send it by fax to +39 02 58363047. The deadline for registration is December 3, 2002.

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