Fondazione Cariplo Funds Six Bocconi Researchers

, by Andrea Costa
The projects are under two separate 2023 calls for proposals, one of which is reserved for young people

Milan-based Fondazione Cariplo accepted in December 2023 six project applications submitted during the year by as many Bocconi researchers, for a total exceeding €1 million. The projects fall in part under "Young Researchers" and in part under the "Social-Inequalities Research" call.

The young researchers who received funding are Massimo Pulejo (from the BAFFI research center), Alex Delalande (BIDSA) and Nicolò Cavalli (DONDENA). For the "Social-Inequalities research" call, the projects of Benedetta Pongiglione (CERGAS), Nilanjana Dutt (ICRIOS) and Giorgio Giacomelli (SDA) were approved.

Fondazione Cariplo's call for young researchers is intended to support PhDs in the early stages of their careers. Only those who have held their PhDs for no more than two years can apply. Funding from the Social-Inequalities research chapter, on the other hand, is intended for projects that aim to study inequalities by proposing a multidimensional view of the phenomena under scrutiny.

Fondazione Cariplo "is dedicated to philanthropy through its economic, planning and professional resources to encourage and support the implementation of projects that focus on the common good, the progress of people and the collective interest. Fighting inequality, especially by supporting the most vulnerable segments of the population, and promoting the economic and social growth of the territory are now the main focuses of the Foundation's mission."