International Applicants

For the 2024/25 AY five selection rounds are available for International candidates.

Round of selection

Application Period

Results release date and beginning of the enrollment period*

I round

21 September – 6 November 2023
(23:59 Italian time)

15 December 2023

II round

7 November 2023 – 25 January 2024
(23:59 Italian time) 

14 March 2024

III round

26 January  – 7 March 2024
(23:59 Italian time) 

23 April 2024

IV round

8 March – 18 April 2024
(23:59 Italian time) 

30 May 2024

V round

19 April —  23 May 2024
(23:59 Italian time)

by the first week of July 2024


*The enrollment period normally lasts 2-3 weeks. 

The slots for the most sought-after programs and the majority of scholarships are likely to be allocated in the early rounds.

IM Asia CHINA MIM will not be available among the program choices in the last round of selection.



If you were not admitted the first time you applied, you may apply one more time during the same academic year. However, please be aware that:

  • You may apply a maximum of two times for the same academic year; any subsequent applications will not be evaluated.
  • During the second application, at least one element of your application needs to have changed when submitted for the second time (i.e. higher test score, changes in your choice of program, etc.).
  • Due to the overlapping calendar, you may not be able to apply for the second time in the 5th round if you applied for the first time in the 4th round.


If you are enrolled in a Double Degree program that includes a year of study at Bocconi, we invite you to verify your specific case with the Admissions Office to determine the correct applicant category.


All applicants may select up to 5 programs in the Bocconi application:

  • MSc programs offered both in Italian and
    represent two different choices;
  • IM CEMS MIM, IM Asia China MIM and IM Asia DD Bocconi-Essec are considered separate choices.
    For further details on application to IM CEMS MIM, IM Asia — China MIM and IM Asia — DD Bocconi-ESSEC visit the dedicated webpage (see Focus on)

Applicants to the Bocconi-LSE DD Program and
Bocconi-Science Po DD Program are required to complete a different specific application (information available starting in late September)

International applicants who are going to apply only for "Politics and Policy Analysis" will not be required to have a selection test.

Before selecting the programs in the online application, we kindly invite applicants to check the Language of instruction of each Program (English or Italian). Please note that no change of program will be granted after the deadline for enrollment.

In the 5 selection rounds, International candidates are selected on the basis of a process that takes into consideration all elements of their profile, focusing on 3 compulsory elements of evaluation (applications will not be evaluated if any of the 3 following elements is missing): 

  1. Results of the GMAT/GRE test, or the Bocconi online test

  2. Grade point average of exams passed in the Undergraduate program

    The undergraduate GPA and transcripts are an indication of the applicant's previous academic performance. No particular scores are required to participate in the selections.

  3. Evaluation of the Curriculum vitae / Resumée and Personal Statement 

    The Director of the Master of Science program will evaluate the various documents and information included in the dossier and verify the applicant's overall profile, experience and knowledge.
    Motivational letters/CV supporting the candidate's application must be in English. 


You can also upload a Video presentation (optional) in English on the Kira Talent platform as an additional element to your application. 

IM CEMS MIM, IM Asia China MIM, and IM Asia Bocconi-ESSEC Double Degrees: further elements of evaluation are required (a personal statement and a COMPULSORY video presentation) for applicants to the IM CEMS MIM and/or IM Asia Bocconi-ESSEC Double Degree international programs, which strongly weighs qualitative/motivational aspects.


Applicants can enter the selection process if they acquire/have acquired a valid and recognized 1st cycle qualification (Undergraduate level). Check here those considered valid and recognized.

  • The qualification must be acquired by and no later than October 2024 or the first graduation session available after the summer break, if available after October 2024.

Preferential consideration for admission is given to applicants whose undergraduate work is still underway or was concluded less than two years prior to the moment of application. Applicants with other profiles are considered subsequently.

Students enrolled in a Double Degree program should participate in admissions according to the first University of enrollment. For example, students enrolled in a Russian University for a Double Degree program with an Italian University should participate in the admissions process as International Applicants.

For selection purposes, English certifications are not required, BUT, in case of admission, a valid English language requirement MUST be provided by the enrollment deadline and in any case by the end of June 2024.
We invite candidates to check here the English language requirements needed in case of admission.

In order to participate in the selection it is necessary to: