For the academic year 2025-26, 25 first-year classes will be activated, for over 2800 enrolled students. The number of classes and available places varies depending on the program.

Classes typically consist of about 115 students. The five-year integrated MA in Law classes (taught in Italian) consist of approximately 140 students each. The "Mathematical and Computing Science for Artificial Intelligence" class is composed of approximately 80 students, while the "Global Law" class is formed by about 50 students.

For English-taught degree programs, up to 50-55% of places may be reserved for international applicants

In addition to the mentioned degree programs, the offerings also include the World Bachelor in Business and the Double Program HEC-Bocconi, which have dedicated selection procedures and timelines.


Bachelor programs - Undergraduate school Class groups Language
International Economicsand Management 6 ENG
International Economicsand Finance 4 ENG
Economics and Management for Arts, Culture and Communication 1 ENG
International Politics and Government 1 ENG
Economicand Social Sciences 1 ENG
Economics, Management and Computer Science 1 ENG
Mathematical and Computing Sciences for Artificial Intelligence 1 ENG
Economia aziendale e management 6 ITA
Economia e management per arte, cultura e comunicazione 1 ITA


Bachelor and integrated Master of Arts - Law School Class groups Language
Law (Five-year integrated Master of Arts) 2 ENG
Global Law 1 ENG


Programs with partner Universities Class groups Language
World Bachelor in Business 1 ENG
HEC-Bocconi Double Program in Data, Society and Organizations 1 ENG

The selection is based on the following elements:

1. Selection test score — 55%

2. Third-last and second-last year GPA  45 %

(*)The Bocconi Online Test - Law and L-SAT are accepted only for programs of the Law School (Law and Global Law). 

In other words, by choosing the Bocconi Online Test - Law or L-SAT, you can apply only for programs of the Law School. On the other hand, with the Bocconi Online Test, SAT, and ACT, you can apply for any program, (both Law School and Undergaduate School). 


Before starting the online application, we recommend to check the following elements:

  • Categories of applicants: Check whether you apply as an “Italian applicant” or as an “International applicant”;
  • Secondary school diploma: Please carefully verify the secondary school diploma requirements for enrollment, as well as the specific diploma requirements and integrations (such as declaration of value, APs, etc...) to be provided in case of admission. Profiles of candidates whose secondary school diploma does not meet the necessary requirements and integrations will NOT be taken into consideration for admission.
  • English requirement for enrollment check the list of certificates and diplomas accepted to fulfil the English requirement for enrollment, in case of admission. 

There are three selection sessions available for the admission to the 2024-2025 AY: Early, Winter and Spring session. 

The majority of places available (around 90-95%) will be allocated by the end of the first two rounds. 

The World Bachelor in Business and the Double program HEC-Bocconi have specific application and admission procedures. 

As competition is very intense, applicants are advised to apply as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, early applications can have greater chances to be successful, to meet financial aid/scholarships opportunities and to respect all the student visa deadlines (set for NON-EU applicants).

Before applying, applicants must have already taken a selection test (Bocconi online test/Bocconi online test - Law,  SAT/LSAT or ACT) and obtained a score. 

Even if they have taken a selection test, candidates are not automatically signed up for the upcoming selection session. This means that it's the candidate's responsibility to decide whether or not to apply in the upcoming selection session and with which test score. Test scores will not be automatically acquired from the webtesting platform. 


online Bocconi test

Application deadlines


From mid July 2024 
until early April 2025

10 - 27 Septembre 2024
(3:00 p.m. Italian time)

October 2024

26 November 2024 - 24 January 2025
(3:00 p.m. Italian time)

March 2025

12 March - 4 April 2025
(3:00 p.m. Italian time)

May 2025

The application deadlines are peremptory. No new applications or changes in applications already submitted will be considered after the deadlines.

Once the application is submitted, applicants can't change the type of test selected, nor can they upload a different score. The test score chosen for taking part in the selection process must be uploaded before the application deadline and cannot be changed later on.

Applicants must submit a brand new application for each round of selection in which they want to take part.

Once the application has been submitted, applicants cannot change the type of test selected, nor can they upload a different test score. The test score chosen to participate in the selection round must be uploaded on the online admission portal by the application deadline. 

Starting from the academic year 2025-26, a dedicated selection process has been designed for programs of the Law School (see "Classes and places available" section) and a separate selection process for programs of the Undergraduate School. 


To participate in the selections for AY 2025-26 you will need to: 


  • Take a selection test among those accepted, based on the program(s) of your interest
    • The accepted selection tests for programs of the Undergraduate school are:  Bocconi online test, SAT or ACT
    • Only for programs of the Law School (Law and Global Law), in addition to the tests listed above, LSAT or the Bocconi online test - Law are also accepted. 
  • Check your "category of applicant" before applying
  • Fill out and submit the admission application through the online portal. If you are interested in both programs of the Law School and programs of the Undergraduate School, you will need to submit two separate admission applications.

Filling out the application is easy, but it takes time as you will need to scan and upload documents on the online system. Please check the timelines and make sure to meet the deadlines. 
Providing accurate information as well as uploading complete and updated documents on your application is pivotal. Documents sent via e-mail and/or postal mail will NOT be taken into consideration. 

Before submitting your online application, you must have already taken a selection test (Bocconi online test, SAT or ACT) and have also obtained your test score. 

Even if they have taken a selection test, applicants are not automatically signed up for the upcoming selection session. This means that it's the candidate's responsibility to decide whether or not to apply in the upcoming selection session (according to the deadlines abovementioned) and with which test score. Test scores will not be automatically acquired from the webtesting platform.  

All test score reports submitted by applicants to apply for admission will be checked for authenticity. Submitted test score reports that have proven irregularities will result in the applicant being disqualified from the selection process for the entire academic year.



For every application you want to submit, an application fee of €100 is required. The application fee is to be paid via the Bocconi store, logging in with the applicant's credentials.

Please note: the application fee will not be reimbursed if the applicants are not admitted. 

Paying the application fee (100€) and/or filling out the application does not give the right to be considered for the selection round, if the application has not been confirmed and submitted through MyApplication by the application deadlines.