Application and admissions

After choosing the programs of your interest, it's time to learn about how to get into Bocconi. 

Here you will find useful information about the different phases of the admission process, the Bocconi online test, the requirements, and the documentation to prepare to submit your admission application. 

You will also discover the enrollment procedures to confirm your place at Bocconi in case of admission. 

There are a total of 25 first-year classes available, accommodating nearly 2800 students, with 55% of these places reserved for international applicants. Each class typically comprises approximately 115 students, with some exceptions for specific programs. 

The selection process is based on the admission test performance and the GPA of the third-last and second-last years. ​

We accept the SAT/L-SAT, ACT and the online Bocconi test and we require final year transcript of records for applying. ​

The admission result will depend on a ranking that is calculated on the basis of these elements and considering the spots available during each selection round, as well as the programs chosen, the number of applications received, etc. ​


If you are attending a high school abroad or an international school in Italy, you will have to register and apply as an interational applicant. ​

After that, we suggest that you check out the secondary school diploma requirements, as they might have an impact on your future enrollment conditions. ​

Also, starting from AY 2025-2026 we have designed a dedicated selection process for programs in the Law area. If you are interested in applying to one of these programs, remember to check the required documents and the specific requirements.

You should also check the list of certificates and diplomas accepted to fulfill the English requirement for enrollment, in case of admission. 


After admission, you will have approximately three weeks to enroll, confirming the place that has been offered to you. 

Enrollment involves:

  • Payment of the first installment
  • Fulfillment of the English language requirement, which varies depending on the program of admission
  • Obtaining the high school diploma by July

If after enrollment you decide to withdraw from your place at Bocconi, you can request a refund of the first installment within specific deadlines for each selection round.