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The International Arbitration Conference 2024: Navigating the Rule of Law

, by Andrea Costa
Bocconi hosted a high-profile event on how to uphold the rule of law in a turbulent world

Bocconi University recently hosted the International Arbitration Conference 2024 that brought together eminent legal scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to address the intersection of international arbitration and the rule of law. Co-organized by Catherine A. Rogers (Bocconi University), Chiara Giorgetti (University of Richmond), Andrea Carlevaris (BonelliErede), with support from Anna Chiara Amanto (Bocconi University) and Anna Biasiolo (BonelliErede) the conference highlighted the lessons learned and challenges ahead in this critical field.

According to Professor Rogers, who introduced the conference, “The global Rule of Law is under threat now more than any other time in recent history. This conference brought together the greatest minds working on these issues to ensure that international arbitration—in all its forms—remains an essential tool to ensure legal accountability at a global level.”

The conference opened with a keynote address by Cherie Blair CBE, KC, titled “Walking the Tightrope: International Arbitration and the Global Rule of Law”. Blair emphasized the delicate balance required to uphold the rule of law in the global arena, setting the tone for the discussions that followed.

A roundtable on international arbitration and the rule of law explored the prerequisites and obstacles for international arbitration in promoting the rule of law, while a panel on peaceful dispute resolution examined the conditions under which claims tribunals, such as the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, can address global conflicts like the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Another panel addressed the legal accountability of global organizations like NATO and INTERPOL, featuring lawyers who both served within those organizations and who are bringing claims against them. 

The second day began with keynote by Lucinda Low (Steptoe & Johnson) and related panel on the challenges of confronting global corruption in international arbitration. The conference concluded with a poignant session on the role of international arbitration in addressing global challenges such as climate change, migration, and pandemics. In her closing remarks, Mahnaz Malik (Twenty Essex Court) eloquently summarized the common thread that unified the conference themes, emphasizing the continuous journey towards a robust global rule of law.

As Catherine Rogers puts “This conference is an excellent example of Bocconi University facilitating global legal and policy discussions that are at the very highest level, but are still accessible for both our students and the students who came from several other universities.” 

The conference was generously supported by the Bocconi Law Department and Richmond University, along with several other distinguished sponsors and international organizations.


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