Research Political Sciences

Heads of Departments Appointed

, by Weiwei Chen
Departments are responsible for the coordination of teaching and development of research in the various disciplinary fields. The new departmental heads tell us about their goals for this term

The Heads of the nine Departments were recently elected and will serve until October 31, 2025.

There are several new entries: the Department of Accounting will be headed by Miles Gietzmann, the Department of Social and Political Sciences by Vincenzo Galasso, the Department of Economics "Ettore Bocconi" by Tito Boeri, the Department of Finance by Stefano Rossi, the Department of Management and Technology by Marco Tortoriello, and the Department of Decision Sciences by Emanuele Borgonovo.

Current Heads re-confirmed include Riccardo Zecchina to the recently established Department of Computing Sciences, and Gaia Rubera to the Department of Marketing,

Finally, the Head of the Department of Legal Studies "Angelo Sraffa," Cesare Cavallini, who was chosen a few months ago.

The departments are responsible for coordinating and developing the internal system of providing resources and expertise for teaching and research, and for guiding research activities concerning the different disciplines.

Bocconi Knowledge asked the directors to tell us what their goals are for this term of office: