Research Appointments

Graziella Romeo Joins Top Academic Journal

, by Andrea Costa
The International Journal of Constitutional Law has a new Associate Editor.

Graziella Romeo, of the Department of Legal Studies, was recently appointed Associate Editor of the prestigious International Journal of Constitutional Law, published by Oxford University Press, based at New York University.

Graziella Romeo's research activity is mainly devoted to constitutional theory and comparative constitutional law, with a particular interest in the interplay between political and judicial recognition of fundamental rights. "This is challenging work, almost on a daily basis I would say, but very rewarding," said Graziella Romeo referring to this editorial job. "What I find most exciting is feeling part of a global academic community debating about issues of common interest in order to find the best arguments in defense of democracy in the broadest sense and of basic rights."

The International Journal of Constitutional Law is notable for its commitment to promoting high-quality research in the field of international and comparative constitutional law. Through its partnership with New York University School of Law, the journal provides a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas among academics, legal professionals and students from around the world.