Research Changed by women

Empowering Women Through Research

, by Andrea Costa
Bocconi's AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality studies the roots of gender related gaps and how to close them

Despite the continuous progress of women in education and the labor market, they are still underrepresented in decision-making positions. Similarly, their representation within national parliaments is still well below 50%. Narrowing this gap is only possible through appropriate policy actions, which in turn can only be successful if they are underpinned by rigorous research on the real causes of gender inequalities.

With this purpose, the AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality, to which AXA recently confirmed its support until 2026, was established in 2020 at Bocconi.

The Lab carries out theoretical and empirical high-quality research with a strong policy impact, adopting an interdisciplinary approach based on quantitative analysis. Its aim is to promote women's empowerment by issuing policy recommendations based on this research. The Lab's work spans all areas of gender economics, gender policies, and gender diversity management.

Postdoctoral fellow Viola Salvestrini, researcher at the Lab, says that "working at the Lab is an unparalleled, enriching opportunity. It offers a great research environment alongside friendly and supportive colleagues, and engaging seminar sessions with top experts in the field."

In the words of Paola Profeta, the Lab's director, "The AXA Research Lab on Gender Equality is making a significant contribution to creating a more inclusive and gender-equal society through its rigorous research and evidence-based approach. The impact of the Lab extends beyond academia, influencing policies, practices, and societal attitudes toward a more gender-equal and inclusive economy and society."