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Caselli, Ventoruzzo and Mosca Join the Committee for the Reform of Capital Markets

, by Fabio Todesco
The activities will lead to the new Consolidated Text

With a decree issued on 11 March, the Ministry of Economy and Finance appointed Stefano Caselli, Dean of SDA Bocconi School of Management, and Marco Ventoruzzo, Director of the Law Knowledge Area of the School, and Chiara Mosca, member of CONSOB and Associate Professor of Company Law at Bocconi University, among the experts of the Coordinating Committee for the reform of capital markets.

Caselli is a Full Professor of Financial markets and Institutions and Ventoruzzo is a Full Professor of Business Law at Bocconi University.

The Committee, a 16-member body including 12 experts, is tasked with coordinating the analysis and in-depth activities that will lead to the reform of the Consolidated Text of provisions concerning financial intermediation (Legislative Decree 24 February, 1998, no. 58, also known as the Draghi Law).

"The proper functioning of the capital market has decisive repercussions on the competitiveness of the country," commented Professor Caselli. "For me, it will be an honor to be part of a process of such importance."

"This is an important opportunity to update the Draghi law also in light of European and international developments, with the objectives of efficiency, competitiveness, and investor protection," said Professor Ventoruzzo. "The work will be complex and delicate but interesting."

In addition to supporting the Ministry "also by formulating technical and regulatory proposals," the body coordinates the work of two specialized technical groups, one dedicated to legislation concerning issuers, and the other to markets.

Filippo Annunziata and Giovanni Strampelli, respectively Associate Professor of Financial Markets and Banking Legislation and Full Professor of Business Law at Bocconi University, were appointed as experts in the Technical Group for the markets.

"The activities of the Committee, the Groups, and the Technical Secretariat do not entail new or additional burdens for public finances," the decree specifies. "Participation in the activities (...) is voluntary and free."

The Committee meets for the first time today, 21 March.