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Bocconi Hosts the 2024 International Risk Management Conference

, by Andrea Costa
Academics and businesspeople gather to discuss research and practice of a vital branch of economic science

The 2024 edition of the International Risk Management Conference (IRMC), which will take place at Bocconi on June 24 and 25, will feature the world’s foremost experts in risk management, finance, and economics. The event is designed to be an engaging and comprehensive exploration of critical financial topics, under the theme of managing risk in an era of unprecedented economic challenges. The conference will feature a top-level lineup of keynote speakers, from both academia and business, among which Nobel laureate Michael Spence.

Risk management is essential for navigating the uncertainties inherent in both the global economy and everyday life. Effective risk management strategies can safeguard financial stability, protect investments, and ensure the resilience of businesses and communities. By understanding and mitigating risks, organizations can make informed decisions that foster sustainable growth and stability. This conference emphasizes the significance of risk management across various sectors, highlighting its impact on corporate governance, regulatory compliance, environmental sustainability, and market stability.

According to Maurizio Dallocchio, who supervised the conference preparations for Bocconi, “hosting this conference at Bocconi is highly significant. For a start, the city of Milan is a vibrant economic hub, and it attracts investors and many other operators with an obvious interest in risk management. Moreover, Bocconi is a university whose Department of Finance is recognized as being at the cutting edge of research, and whose SDA Bocconi MBA puts great emphasis on risk management in its curriculum. We are living in an unpredictable context, where financial, geopolitical and environmental risks are higher than in the past. This means we should not think of risk and risk management as something that may interest academics and top managers only: risk affects all of us.”


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