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Bocconi Honors Women in Science

, by Andrea Costa
Nine Bocconi women scientists speak in a series of video interviews

Only one-third of the world's scientists are women. A glass ceiling still hard to break and with few role models for inspiration. To change course, since 2015 February 11 has been designated as International Day of Women and Girls in Science. A day that Bocconi celebrates with Women of Science, a journey in 9 video interviews about the scientific interests, careers but also gender stereotypes faced by Francesca Buffa (Computing Sciences), Nilanjana Dutt (Management and Technology), Annita Florou (Accounting), Giulia Giupponi (Social and Political Sciences), Katrin Goedker (Finance), Sonia Petrone (Decision Sciences), Graziella Romeo (Legal Studies), Qiaoni Shi (Marketing), Mara Squicciarini (Economics).

According to Paola Profeta, Bocconi's Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Sustainability, "It is essential to promote diversity and showcase the achievements of women in scientific careers. This effort is especially crucial to inspire younger generations. This initiative features Bocconi women scientists from various disciplines sharing their stories, challenges and successes. With this project, we aim to foster awareness of the importance of gender equality in academia and help create a more inclusive scientific community."

Bocconi Women of Science - Trailer

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