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Allena and Croci Join Team to Draft New Consolidated Text of Environmental Legislation

, by Davide Ripamonti
The law professor will be part of the interministerial commission, while the Sur Lab director enters group of experts that will support it

Miriam Allena, an associate professor at Bocconi University's Department of Legal Studies, has been appointed by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Energy Security, in consultation with the Ministry of Institutional Reforms and Regulatory Simplification, to be part of a commission of jurists whose task will be to review environmental legislation and draft a new Consolidated Text. Edoardo Croci, professor of practice and director of Bocconi's Sustainable Urban Regeneration Lab, joins the group of experts formed to scientifically support the same Commission.

"The Commission of Experts of which I will be a member will be in charge of drafting a framework bill (and related decrees) for the revision of the Environmental Code in light of the recent constitutional reform (which enshrined environmental protection in the Constitution), but also of the increasingly relevant European regulations which, accepting as a rule some international obligations, are reshaping the face of environmental law," Miriam Allena explains. "This is an ambitious project that will allow the full adaptation of domestic legislation to European legislation in an area, such as environmental law, of high relevance not only for the lives of citizens, but also for the economic and social system as a whole. I am honored and pleased to offer my contribution as a scholar of environmental law, a subject I have been teaching for many years at Bocconi to jurists and economists."

"Almost 20 years after the first consolidated text on the environment, the development of environmental legislation needs to be updated to provide a coherent and transparent framework," Edoardo Croci said on his part. "I am going to provide the contribution of economic disciplines, through participation in the interdisciplinary group of experts set up by the Minister of the Environment, in agreement with the Minister of Institutional Reforms, enhancing the research activities carried out at Bocconi for the purpose of policy innovation, among other things."