HEC-Bocconi Double Program

Find here information regarding the selection process for the intake 2024-25 of the Double Program HEC-Bocconi in Data, Society and Organization. 
Information on AY 2025-26 will be available in June. 


  • International applicants who are attending/have attended a secondary school abroad or an International school in Italy or abroad
  • Italian applicants who are attending/have attended an Italian secondary school in Italy

Applicants already graduated from Italian or non-Italian universities, can apply for any session as Italian or International applicants. Being considered an Italian or an International applicant depends on the high school diploma you have/will achieve.

Transferred students may apply and if admitted, they will be enrolled to the first year only (with no credit recognition), since a second year is yet to be launched.


  1. Valid secondary school qualification
    Before starting the online application, you are strongly encouraged to check the secondary school diploma requirements for enrollment, as well as specific diploma requirements and integrations (such as declaration of value, APs, etc.).
    See the section "enrollment" below for further details.

  2. English language proficiency
    Students admitted to this program need to demonstrate a B2-Level English knowledge. See the section "enrollment" below for further information.

There are two application sessions:

First Round
Second Round
9 November 2023 — 18 January 2024
19 January — 28 March 2024
19 February 2024
17 May 2024
By 11 March 2024
by 29 May 2024

Non-admitted students can apply for the second round by submitting a brand new application via the MyApplication portal within the set deadline. For the second application, at least one element of your application needs to be changed (i.e. higher test score).

Applicants will need to pay an application fee of €100 via the online Bocconi store before they can submit their application.

The program will offer a total of around 50-60 places.


  • Third-last
    and second-last year GPA
    : official transcripts from the third-last and second-last years of secondary school. In particular, grades related to all subjects are required, excepting those with a qualitative assessment (e.g. fair, good, excellent) and physical education, religion and conduct. For applicants who attended one semester or one year abroad, the Admissions Office requires the foreign transcript which will be used for the conversion into the Italian system.
  • Score
    SAT or ACT or Bocconi online Test
  • Motivational
    letter, CV/résumé
    and any other documents/elements that can enhance the applicant's profile
  • Video
    through Kira platform

With particular reference to international applicants, the country of origin will be considered as a further admission element, in order to guarantee multiculturalism in the class.


There are minimum selection test scores required for an applicant to be eligible for admission:

  • SAT: applicants with a total score lower than 1040 will not be considered. Also, applicants with a score lower than 520 in the test sections Evidence-based Reading and Writing or Math will not be considered. 
  • ACT: applicants with a composite score lower than 19 will not be considered. Also, applicants with a score lower than 19 in the test sections Math, Science, English or Reading will not be considered.
  • Online
    Bocconi Test
    : applicants with a total score lower than 17 out of 50 will not be considered. 

The online bocconi test is delivered through a webtesting platform, open until April 2024 — with the exeption of specific dates indicated online both on the platform and on Bocconi website.

Applicants can choose the test date among the several date options available but they will need to obtain a test score report in time for applying to the round they are interested in: 

  • Round I: last test date is 16 January (for obtaining your score report by 18 January)
  • Round II: last test date is 26 March (for obtaining your score report by 28 March)

The online Bocconi test for undergraduate applicants is valid both for applying to the HEC-Bocconi double program and for other Bocconi regular Bachelor programs.
If you have already taken a Bocconi test and applied to one of the Bocconi regular Bachelor programs, you can still use that test score for applying to this program.

Applicants to any Bocconi Bachelor program, including the HEC-Bocconi double program, will have a maximum of 3 test attempts for AY 2024-25.


The questions will be the following:

  • Give examples of your greatest academic strength and most challenging academic weakness.
  • Based on your academic interests, what have you done to explore global and politics themes?
  • If you were called to solve a social organizational problem, which area of interest would you identify first (education, health, climate etc)? What innovative idea would you like to implement?
  • What has been your greatest academic challenge? Why? How have you overcome this challenge?

The system allows for unlimited practice sessions, but once you start the formal interview questions, you only get one chance: this allows us to see your spontaneous responses.

The screenshot of the summary page available at the end of the Video Interview, stating "Thank you for submitting your responses", must be uploaded on MyApplication portal in order to complete your application.
This is a mandatory step in our online application process and we look forward to meeting you virtually in a video conversation.

Access the video interview on Kira Talent

After being admitted, in order to confirm your place, you have to:

  1. Pay the first installment - advanced payment and submit your enrollment application on MyApplication
  2. Meet the curricular requirements (Valid secondary school diploma and English proficiency)

English  language proficiency

Curricular requirement
I Round
Late February 2024
by mid-March 2024
by 15 April 2024
By 31 July 2024
II Round
Mid-May 2024
by end of May 2024
by 20 June 2024


For enrolling to this program, admitted students will have to give proof of their B2 English level by providing an international English language certificates or a diploma awarded in English or declaring their status of English native spearker.

Check here the full list of certificates accepted for meeting the English language requirement.


For enrolling, a recognized Italian high school
diploma or non-Italian high school diploma, valid to pursue a 1st cycle degree is required.

Normally Bocconi University does not set any specific requirement in terms of subjects or tracks taken by applicants during the secondary school.
Check here further information on secondary school diplomas general requirements