When ChatGPT Helps to Teach About the Constitution

, by Andrea Costa
How to deal with artificial intelligence is one of the topics debated at the annual conference of the International Society of Public Law, which will gather 1100 scholars at Bocconi

A debate on ChatGPT and teaching, with the participation of Joseph H.H. Weiler (New York University) and Vittorio Colao (Vice President EMEA, General Atlantic and former Minister for Technological Innovation and Digital Transition), will be the special event of the 4th ICON·S Italia Annual Conference, held today and tomorrow at Bocconi with the title "Politics and Institutions between Transformations and Reforms".

The conference has been organized by Marta Cartabia, full professor of Constitutional Law at Bocconi's Department of Legal Studies and former President of the Italian Constitutional Court. Over the two days, some 1100 participants are expected to attend.

Plenary sessions will be on "Constitutions and Transformations" and on "Italian Institutions Under the Test of History", but the conference also includes several workshops on more specific topics of Italian and international relevance.

"We are living in a period of momentous and rapid transformation of institutions. This is an opportunity to reflect on the changes taking place, whether they occur through reforms or from a process of adaptation to a new reality," says Marta Cartabia. "The Conference in particular is a moment during which we want to encourage active participation by all through an exchange between generations in an atmosphere of listening and collaboration. Bocconi, which has always been open to innovation, is an ideal place to host it."

ICON·S Italia is the Italian chapter of the International Society of Public Law, which brings together constitutional, administrative and international law scholars from various backgrounds around the world.