Pact4Future Is About the Planet

, by Barbara Orlando
The first edition of the Bocconi and Corriere della Sera forum will close on 28 March with a day focusing on Nature, featuring Filippo Grandi (UNHCR) and two astronauts from Axiom Mission 3

Climate change "is something we all live with." This is the starting point for Valentina Bosetti, Climate Change Economist at Bocconi University, when introducing the topic of Planet, Pact4Future's focus on its last day on 28 March.

The international forum organized by Bocconi and Corriere della Sera will be held in Milan over four days, featuring 9 events and more than 80 speakers. They include visionary scientists and entrepreneurs, activists and artists who are using creativity to change the world. The economic and entrepreneurial system, along with foundations and non-profit organizations will meet and dialogue to make a pact and share virtuous projects and actions dedicated to three words: People, Purpose and Planet (see the forum's full program).

"The trends emerging from the countless surveys that have been conducted for decades in almost every part of the world," continues Bosetti, "tell us that most people are convinced that it is indeed happening, that we are the cause of it and that people are also worried about the risks that this entails." These risks concern the very survival of the Earth but even more so of people, as Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, will explain when he speaks at Pact4Future on the evening of Thursday 28 March. Climate change, along with conflicts, is one of the causes that in recent years has driven more than 82 million people around the world to flee their homelands. "We cannot leave millions of refugees and displaced people and their host communities to face the consequences of climate change alone," Grandi urges.

Tackling climate change and its impact means, first and foremost, bringing nature to the fore. And this is the focus of Pact4Future's afternoon event on 28 March, which will take place at 3pm at Corriere della Sera's Buzzati Hall (register here).

"58 trillion dollars: nature has more than just a spiritual, intangible and symbolic value. More than half of the world's gross domestic product (GDP) is derived from nature," says Ariela Caglio, Professor of Accounting at Bocconi University. "To truly integrate environmental sustainability and the promotion of ecosystem regeneration into business strategies and decision-making processes, companies must recognize that nature is a stakeholder in its own right." Nature governance will be the topic of discussion with Anna Puccio, Managing Director of B Lab Italia (Pact4Future's Inspiring Partner), and representatives from real best practice companies in terms of their relationship with nature, starting with Patagonia, Sanpellegrino, Faith In Nature, Alperia and Alstria. Pact4Future's afternoon will close with nature philosopher Paolo Vidali, as well as a conversation with Sanda Ojiambo, Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations Global Compact, interviewed by Francesca Gambarini from Corriere della Sera.

Pact4Future's last appointment – held at 8:30pm in the Bocconi Aula Magna (register here) – will be a real journey around planet Earth. With Roberta Boscolo (World Meteorological Organization), the focus will be on the phenomena underlying climate change, followed by a dive into the oceans and a flight into space. As Stefano Pogutz, (Professor of Corporate Sustainability, SDA Bocconi), Riccardo Farina (The Ocean Cleanup), Simonetta Di Pippo (Director of the Economy Evolution Lab, SDA Bocconi), Brent Sherwood (BS Consults) and Luca Rossettini (D-Orbit) will explain, the very survival of planet Earth depends on how we are able to promote the blue and space economies.

Pact4Future will close with the story of a journey we all dream of making: to the International Space Station. The commander and pilot of Axiom Mission 3, Michael López-Alegría and Walter Villadei, who both returned to Earth on 9 February, will share their stories.

Pact4Future – PLANET. From the right:
Ariela Caglio, Professoressa associata di Management accounting Università Bocconi
Olivier Elamine, CEO Alstria
Francesca Gambarini, Giornalista L'Economia del Corriere della Sera
Fabiana Marchini, Head of Sustainability Sanpellegrino Group
Sanda Ojambo, Assistant Secretary-General, United Nations Global Compact
Anna Puccio, Managing Director B Lab Italia
Simeon Rose, Creative Director at Faith In Nature
Vincent Stanley, One of Patagonia's original employees, co-founded Our Footprint, company's in-house philosopher
Thomas Trienbacher, Community Investment & Impact Manager Alperia
Paolo Vidali, Filofoso

Pact4Future – PLANET. From the right:
Francesco Billari, Professore ordinario di Demografia e Rettore Università Bocconi
Sofia Bonicalza, Biologa conservazionista
Roberta Boscolo, Climate & Energy Science Officer World Meteorological Organization
Valentina Bosetti, Professoressa ordinaria di Climate change economics Università Bocconi
Simonetta Di Pippo, Professor of practice di Space Economy e Direttrice dello Space Economy Evolution Lab di SDA Bocconi
Riccardo Farina, Partnership manager The Ocean Cleanup
Francesca Gambarini, Giornalista L'Economia del Corriere della Sera
Filippo Grandi, Alto Commissario UNHCR
Julien Groues, Country Manager, EMEA SOUTH AWS
Michael López-Alegría, Chief Astronaut for Axiom Space
Camilla Mendini/Carotilla, Divulgatrice e Imprenditrice sostenibile
Stefano Pogutz, Professor of practice di Corporate Sustainability presso SDA Bocconi
Luca Rossettini, Fondatore e Amministratore Delegato D-Orbit
Brent Sherwood, President, BS Consults, Inc
Massimo Sideri, Editorialista Corriere della Sera
Walter Villadei, Colonnello dell'Aeronautica Militare, membro spedizione Axiom 3