A Golden Apple at Bocconi

, by Susanna Della Vedova
The Marisa Bellisario "mela d'oro," recognizing women in business who contribute to the development of Italian society, was recently awarded to Bocconi graduate Barbara Torre. This was the first time the award was given to a cum laude graduate in Economics

"I'm proud to be a Bocconi graduate!" These were the words Barbara Torre used to begin talking about herself and the award she had just received directly from the hands of Italian Ministers Tremonti and Sacconi on behalf of the Marisa Bellisario Foundation at Confindustria on Friday 18 June.

Barbara Torre accepting the award
Barbara Torre

The award, a golden apple with the awardee's name engraved on it, was given to young graduates in Economics for the first time this year. For the past 22 years, the Foundation has recognized those female entrepreneurs, managers, professionals and bright businesswomen who contribute to the development of the country every day with their perseverance and commitment.

At 24 years old, Barbara is a young woman, but she already has the determination, the will and the skills to contribute to the development of Italy as a nation. "I studied management at Bocconi and I graduated cum laude on 24 October of last year with a thesis on the topic 'Corporate Governance in Italian Companies Listed on the Stock Exchange: CEO tenure, performance and sector effects.' Along with my academic background, my thesis is what helped me win this award." Her academic background is good enough to make even those with more experience jealous. Barbara has built up her résumé during her years at university by taking advantage of the "opportunities that Bocconi offers its students. It's true," says Barbara, "that determination, the desire to put yourself out there and to get things done are individual qualities, but Bocconi provides the tools to use them."

A Campus Abroad program in Australia, Exchanges in Barcelona and the United States and a permanent full-time position at Procter & Gamble in Geneva after graduation, where she works with financials for initiatives and competitive intelligence. The position is stimulating and in an international environment that allows her to travel to other parts of the world for business. She sees herself returning to Italy in the future, however, because "I'm proud that I was awarded this prestigious recognition since I am the first Bocconi student to have received the award, and I would like to be a woman whose everyday commitment works to improve our country."