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From Ferdinando Bocconi to the Global Village

, by Francesco Billari
A community that has grown all over the world with the aim of making an impact on people's lives. Rector Francesco Billari highlights this in this editorial that opens the new issue of the Bocconi magazine

To make an impact on people's lives and society. While this has always been Bocconi's goal, its boundaries have expanded in over 120 years of history: from Milan – the focus of its founder, Ferdinando Bocconi – to Italy, and from Europe to the world. Today our community of students, faculty and staff represents more than 100 countries: this is because Bocconi has always cultivated a strong spirit of openness and internationalization. Today we are a true global village with connections all over the world. We are partnered with 288 universities and members of 11 international alliances. We offer 37 Double Degrees that enrich our educational curriculum, and there are 75 Chapters in our Bocconi Alumni Community. This global village has its mind in Milan and its heart in Europe.

In recent months, the schools in the U7+ Alliance of World Universities and the CEMS university partners – all part of our global village – have met to discuss the future of education, which will have to increasingly feature inclusion policies as well as integration with artificial intelligence tools.

Over the next few days, our global village will host the more than 2.300 students arriving to attend our five Summer School programs. They too will learn to get to know – and love – both Milan and Italy, with the eyes of those who know that they were born citizens of the world.

Today Bocconi is proudly present in the world, and the world is fully present at Bocconi (as told in the articles on the topic found on our website). And this is something to be proud of.