The Faculty Has a New Resource

, by Andrea Celauro
The Faculty Training Hub is up and running, combining tools, guides, and advice for teaching development with the possibility to directly discuss the best and most innovative practices

Teaching at Bocconi has a powerful new development tool: the Faculty Training Hub, a knowledge base created with the aim of being a hub for aggregating the best teaching methodologies and technologies, and making them available to Bocconi professors. It is also a place in which the instructors themselves can exchange direct experiences and compare them with international best practices. The Faculty Training Hub (access is reserved for University faculty) was created thanks to the collaboration of BUILT - Bocconi University Innovations in Learning and Teaching, the Learning Technology Competence Center, and the Academic Services office of the University and was born within the BEL22 initiative (Bocconi Elearning 2022) which involves the entire University in rethinking teaching.

"We need to prepare for a new way of teaching", explains the University's e-learning delegate, Leonardo Caporarello. "To do this, we chose to create a hub for teaching that worked in two directions. On the one hand, providing instructors with teaching practices and tools, and on the other hand, giving the opportunity to personally share and compare their teaching experiences. Furthermore, it is conceived as a system that evolves moment by moment, as the field of didactics evolves."

The concept, therefore, is that of 'long life learning' also for instructors, so that the teaching offered by them can benefit from the best innovations. Concretely, the Faculty Training Hub is divided into five sections: in 'My two cents', professors can directly tell their experiences, while in the others they find, respectively, suggestions and methods for planning courses; the results of the constant research work of the BUILT; technical guides on university tools, constantly updated by the LTCC; guides on university buildings; information on the creation of online final exams; and calendars of seminars and teaching events.