European Generation, 57 Students at Expo to Talk about Poverty

, by Benedetta Ciotto
Launched by a Bocconi students' association and promoted by European Parliament, the initiative will bring 57 students to Expo for a debate concerning the fight against poverty

The event conceived by European Generation, a students' association born in Bocconi University, takes the name of European Youth Debate. On the agenda, a debate attended by 57 students and concerning the themes of poverty and the instruments to eradicate it. Main goal of the initiative, planned on the 4th October at the UE Expo pavilion, is the drawing up of a paper summarizing the debate and characterizing a sort of roadmap: an ideal project to be followed in the next decades.

The event is organized in joint with Bocconi University's European Documentation Centre (EDC), as one of the EDC projects financed by the European Commission Representation in Italy.

The three students who most distinguish themselves during the debate, will fly to Strasbourg for a visit to the European Parliament. "The prize is not the main motivation, rather it is the interest for European topics and the students' wish to speak their mind" says Federico Calciolari, vice-president of European Generation, an association which intends bringing Europe inside the university walls. "Awareness and participation are the key-words, as well as two closely related notions for our association", he concludes.

A conference will take place in the morning, while the debate and the award ceremony are planned for the afternoon. The debate in centred on three topics: the impact of globalisation on development, the role played by multinational enterprises, the Hipc initiative and the European EPAs.

The initiative, promoted by the European parliament information office in Milan and coordinated by the Ragnarock association, is from 11.00 to 18.00 and will be open to the public.