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Bocconi and Fondazione Milano Cortina Join Forces for Research and Education

, by Davide Ripamonti
Rector Billari and CONI President Malagò have signed a framework agreement that provides for wide-ranging initiatives, starting with an Executive Master program

It is an agreement that provides for initiatives dedicated in particular to leaders in the sports, entertainment and exhibition industries. We are talking about the framework agreement between Bocconi University and Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026, signed by Francesco Billari – Rector of Bocconi – and Giovanni Malagò, President of both Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 and the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI). We will cover the topic in this interview with Dino Ruta, Professor of Practice in Leadership, Sports and Events Business at SDA Bocconi and Bocconi's contact person for the agreement between the University and Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026.


What does the agreement consist of exactly?

This is a wide-ranging agreement between Bocconi University and Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 that provides for both research and management training. In particular, we will work on measuring the impacts and legacy of the Olympic Games, and we have already launched the first edition of the Executive Master in Business of Events (EMBE) at SDA Bocconi. Starting from September 2024, the program will be dedicated to leaders in the sports, entertainment and exhibition industries. 

What are some of the concrete initiatives already in place (such as the EMBE), and what will be planned for the future?

Three main, concrete initiatives will be covered by this agreement. The first is Bocconi's coordination of studying – in terms of economic, social and environmental impacts – the legacy of the Milan Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Games in synergy with other universities and entities from the local areas affected by the games. The second is the EMBE (, an executive post-experience program taught over 16 months across five cities (Lausanne, Milan, Paris, Riyadh and Rome). The program is unique in the panorama of the events industry, highlighting training needs that are different from other contexts and sectors.
Finally, the University will also offer support in identifying talents (students or Alumni/Alumnae) to join the Olympics’ organizational staff in various capacities, ranging from volunteer to manager positions.

What are the main aspects of the agreement regarding research?

Bocconi University will undertake to produce the reports requested by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), according to OECD guidelines, which entails an in-depth study of the legacy projects of the Italian edition of the Winter Olympics, and a subsequent data collection strategy along with data dissemination initiatives. Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 will be committed to creating opportunities that can foster exchanges and discussions between Bocconi and the qualified staff of the Fondazione, the IOC and all Olympic stakeholders including – for example – the OECD and the Paris 2024 Organizing Committee. 

What are the advantages for Bocconi?

This agreement fully adheres to Bocconi's third mission of engaging in dialogue with the local area and institutions. The primary objective will be to leave concrete data and information regarding the impacts that the Olympics will have on our city and on all the local areas involved, contributing to research for the development of impact measurement standards already put in place at the international level by the OECD and the IOC. The value of this agreement is fundamental for Bocconi, as it fosters the learning-oriented approach that sets us apart, and allows us to engage with leading international institutions that work for the most important global sporting event.

What about those of the Fondazione? 

For Fondazione Milano Cortina, the organizing Olympic committee of the local areas, this agreement is further evidence of its desire to be recognized as a unique edition of the games. One of the Fondazione’s main objectives is to involve younger generations – educating them, nurturing their talents and raising their awareness; and the proximity to university excellence will only contribute to its achievement. Generally speaking, this agreement is a testament that the Olympics are much more than sporting competitions and medals. As highlighted in the Olympic Charter, the games aim to leave a legacy on the local areas involved – one that must be planned, studied and measured precisely.

What are Bocconi’s plans after 2026?

We are working also on our legacy that will result from this collaboration with the Fondazione. In the Olympic spirit, we are envisioning a journey beyond 2026 – between research and education – in order to keep the Olympic flame and uniting value of the five circles always alive. Above all, however, we hope to reinforce the three main Olympic values: excellence, friendship and respect. 


translated by Rosa Palmieri

Bocconi e Fondazione Milano Cortina 2026 insieme per formare i leader dei grandi eventi del futuro

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