On-Campus Security

On the Bocconi Campus, a system of prevention and security is in place to respond to any emergencies that may occur.

By emergency, we mean any deviation from normal conditions that creates a situation of potential or actual harm to people, the environment or property. Examples of emergencies include injuries, accidents, fires, explosions, intrusions, thefts, collapses, as well as earthquakes, floods and other abnormal weather events.

Anyone who detects  a dangerous situation or an emergency within the Bocconi Campus must notify this emergency phone number:

02 5836 2121

Reported details should be as clear and complete as possible, to allow operators and emergency teams to intervene promptly.

The emergency contact number should also be used to report any abnormal situations, such as - for example – materials or objects deposited / abandoned in unsuitable places, suspicious persons, parcels and items.

An infirmary is available on campus in the Residence at Via Bocconi 12 and an on-campus medical center is available in the Piazza Sraffa 11 building.