Going Online to Have a Head Start in the Job Market

, by Fabio Todesco
Career Starter Pack, an online program reserved for Bocconi students and recent graduates, provides them with the skills needed in a job search

Thanks to Career Starter Pack (CSP), Bocconi students can now have a head start in the job market. CSP is an online, six-module program designed by Bocconi's Career Service in collaboration with BUILT, Bocconi University Innovations in Learning and Teaching, to provide students and recent graduates with the skills needed in a job search.

The first three modules, on Personal Branding & Social Reputation; How to Write a CV; and How to Write a Cover Letter have just been released on Bocconi's BBoard online learning platform, while the rest will be in the next semester.

Bocconi's Career Service has been advising students on job market matters for years, often in the form of specific lectures and meetings with experts and recruiters. «Now we are turning our live sessions into 20-minute online modules rich of infographics, video clips, exercises and double interviews, that pit a student's vision against a recruiter's», says Verena Battaglia, who coordinated the realization of the online program for the Career Service. «It doesn't, anyway, mean that we are going to suppress the live sessions: it only means these will be reshaped, taking into account the availability of the online program».

CSP tackles classical job search topics, such as the CV and the cover letter, along with newer ones (the more and more critical online reputation and, later, gaming; networking; applying online) in a format that fits with young people's preferred devices and attention distribution: it is easy to use with mobile phones and the content is organized in small, memorable chunks: the worst body language mistakes, the four golden rules to attract recruiters' attention, or eight CV tips, just to mention a few.