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EFMD's Case Writing Competition to Fiorillo, Secchi and Zamboni

, by Fabio Todesco
The case about Boeing's 787 Dreamliner wins the Bringing Technology to the Market section

Boeing's 787 Dreamliner is a case of revolutionary innovation in the aeronautics industry. This wide-body, super-efficient, medium-sized aircraft is Boeing's response to the 2001 market shock and to the increase of long-distance point-to-point flights – and it's dramatically different from competitor Airbus' response.

The case 787 Dreamliner Cleared for Take-off? Authored by Vitaliano Fiorillo, Raffaele Secchi and Silvia Zamboni (SDA Bocconi School of Management) has won the Bringing Technology to the Market section of EFMD's Case Writing Competition. EFMD, The Management Development Network, is a membership organization with over 800 member organizations from academia, business, public service and consultancy in 81 countries. It runs, among other things, the EQUIS accreditation system.

The case consists of three parts. Part A focuses on the analysis of corporate strategy, the process of new product development, supply chain architecture and the underlying risks that the company took in approving the 787 program. Part B tracks back the project describing the series of events that jeopardized the program and the whole Commercial Aviation division. Part C examines the countermeasures launched by Boeing to respond to the materialization of risks.

In April EFMD will choose the "Best of the Best" case among the winners of the 15 sections.