Research Awards

Adam Eric Greenberg Makes Top List

, by Ezio Renda
A paper on the psychological factors at play in the decision to claim retirement benefits in the US was in the final selection for the AMA's Paul E. Green Award

The American Marketing Association has shortlisted the recent paper by Adam Eric Greenberg (Bocconi Department of Marketing) written with Hal E. Hershfield (University of California, Los Angeles), Suzanne B. Shu (Cornell University) and Stephen A. Spiller (University of California, Los Angeles), for the 2023 edition of their Paul E. Green Award.

The paper, "What Motivates Social Security Claiming Age Intentions? Testing Behaviorally Informed Interventions Alongside Individual Differences," has been featured on Bocconi Knowledge in April, 2023 and investigates whether nudging people to delay Social Security Administration (SSA) claims, highlighting financial benefits, and getting people to self-reflect may be beneficial.

The Paul E. Green Award recognizes the best Journal of Marketing Research article published in the last calendar year that "shows or demonstrates the most potential to contribute significantly to the practice of marketing research and research in marketing."