Focus on Curricular vs Extracurricular Internships

Curricular Internships

All internships started during a student’s academic career are considered curricular, aimed at creating a time for work-related learning.

Internships must meet the requirements complying with the student’s study path.

According to the University Regulations, curricular internships for credits must have a minimum duration of:

  • 6 weeks if full-time and 8 weeks if part-time (Undergraduate School)
  • 8 weeks if full-time and 11 weeks if part-time (Graduate and Law school)

The maximum duration allowed (including extensions) is 24 weeks (6 months)*.

Extracurricular Internships

Extracurricular internships are internships activated with a graduate within and no later than 12 months after the completion of a degree. The maximum duration is of six months at the same hosting company (including extensions)*.

Please note that internships with a duration of less than 2 months cannot be activated as per University policy.


* Duration and extension
According to Bocconi policy, the maximum duration of the internship is 6 months including extensions. Requests for extensions beyond 6 months and within 12 months (the maximum duration of both curricular and extracurricular internships set by current legislation) are evaluated by the University on a case by case basis.