Social Engagement

Bocconi University recognizes social responsibility and engagement as fundamental values of our identity.

Through the Community and Social Engagement project, created in collaboration with students, faculty and staff, Bocconi offers experiences that provide reflection, as well as concrete opportunities for social engagement.

  • Making Sense of Profits
    This initiative allows you to get practical experience and use your economic and legal skills to support non-profits, thus creating a positive social impact.

  • Volunteer Desk
    Here you can gather information on volunteering and get in touch with one of the 2,500 organizations in the Milan area or get advice on how to apply for a summer volunteer experience.
  • Community Days
    This is a collective experience held each year, during which you can volunteer along with friends and classmates. 
  • Project with Pane Quotidiano
    The Pane Quotidiano organization, located a short walk from campus, supports the poorest segments of the population every day, free of charge. Bocconi has created a dedicated, flexible and dynamic volunteer initiative with them, allowing participants to donate a few hours of their time.
  • Una Scelta Possibile

    This scholarship program is available to future students in the Lombardy area from disadvantaged social and economic environments.

To learn more about our initiatives, check out the activities available to students this year.