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Pietro Sirena and Francesco Paolo Patti in the Governance Bodies of the European Law Institute

, by Weiwei Chen
The two professors of the Bocconi Department of Law have been appointed as the ELI's Treasurer and a member of the Council

Pietro Sirena has recently been nominated Treasurer of the European Law Institute (ELI); Francesco Paolo Patti has been elected to the Council of the same institution.

The European Law Institute, founded in 2011, is an independent non-profit organization, which aims to improve the quality of European law by conducting research, making recommendations and providing practical guidance in the field of European legal development in a global context.

It is a highly representative organization, comprising over 1500 members from more than 60 countries.

Professor Sirena, as Treasurer, will continue to be part of the Executive Committee, the administrative body of ELI, which is composed of seven people: the President (Pascal Pichonnaz, Switzerland), two Vice-Presidents (Sir John Thomas, UK, and Anne Birgitte Gammeljord, Denmark), the Treasurer (Pietro Sirena, Italy) and three innominate members. The position will last from September 2021 until 2023.

Professor Patti was elected among the 28 new members of the ELI Board with 245 votes (the third most voted). The Council is the organization's management body and is organized into several study groups. Specifically, Patti will focus on inheritance law, as well as, blockchain technology.