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Giuseppe Franco Ferrari Awarded by the Fulbright Commission

, by Weiwei Chen
For the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Italy, six projects were selected from those funded in the past for their contribution to U.S.Italian relations

Fulbright Commission Italy honored Giuseppe Franco Ferrari, Professor Emeritus at Bocconi's "Angelo Sraffa" Department of Legal Studies, with the Fulbright 75th Anniversary Award. The award, celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Italy, was given to six Fulbright Alumni who have made important contributions to U.S. – Italy relations.

The six projects, selected from those funded over the years, were awarded on 5 June 2023 during the Annual Meeting of U.S.-Italian Fulbright scholarship recipients. Today, the Fulbright Commission gives 130-140 grants per year to Italian and U.S. citizens.

Notably, in 1979-1980 Professor Ferrari, in connection with a call for applications two years earlier, started the "Permanent Forum", which organizes a conference every two years dedicated to the U.S. Presidency as it has evolved. Each conference resulted in a volume or special issue of the online DPCE Magazine, edited by Prof. Ferrari himself.

Also among the awardees was a Bocconi alumna, Nausica Palazzo, Assistant Professor at the Universidad Nova in Lisbon, who co-organized the 2018 meeting.

The project is designed as a transatlantic conversation between Italian scholars working on U.S. constitutional law and U.S. constitutional law experts. The forum aims to promote a better understanding of the development of U.S. democracy.

Each session usually consists of two parts: first, a lecture for experts to discuss the topic. This is followed by the collection of proceedings.

The Fulbright Commission is a bilateral body that has managed the Fulbright Program for Italy since 1948, promoting opportunities for study, research and teaching in Italy and the United States through scholarships. It also promotes the organization of activities of cultural, educational and scientific significance of national and international nature.