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Daniele Durante Awarded by the Italian Statistical Society

, by Fabio Todesco
The Assistant Professor has been awarded the first edition of the prize assigned to earlycareer scholars, under the age of 40, for the contributions to the statistical sciences

Daniele Durante, Assistant Professor of Statistics in the Department of Decision Sciences at Bocconi University, and research affiliate to the Bocconi Institute for Data Science and Analytics, is the winner of the "Early-career scholar award for contributions to the statistical sciences" supported by Professor Alan Agresti (Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of Statistics at the University of Florida), and awarded, for the first time this year, by the Italian Statistical Society (SIS) to a researcher under the age of 40 (Durante is 33 years old).

The award has been unanimously assigned to Daniele Durante by an evaluation committee of five scholars for "the originality, the methodological rigor and the relevance of each publication, the scientific impact and the excellent editorial positioning of the articles, as well as the intensity and the temporal continuity of his scientific production", as reported in the formal motivation.

"My research is characterized by a highly interdisciplinary approach," says Durante, "which combines applied relevance, mathematical rigor and algorithmic efficiency, in order to develop innovative statistical and machine learning methods for modeling and predicting a broad variety of complex phenomena that we are increasingly faced with. I am glad that the committee appreciated my scientific contributions along these lines of research, and knowing that this award is supported by a leading international scholar such as Prof. Alan Agresti, who made several foundational contributions to the statistical sciences, makes me feel even more honored."

Daniele Durante has already received several other important recognitions, such as the Laplace Award, the Byar Award, the Mitchell Prize and the Leonardo Da Vinci Medal, among others.