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The American Presidency After Donald Trump

11 November

9:30am 12:30pm

Welcome Address

Gianmario Verona
 Rector, Bocconi University

The President in the Framework of Government
Chair: Massimo Cacciari Università Vita-Salute San Raffaele Milano

The Relationship Between Presidency and Congress
Giuseppe Franco Ferrari 
Bocconi University

The Case of President Trump's Appointments
Paolo Passaglia 
University of Pisa

The Relationship with State Governors
Francesco Clementi 
University of Perugia

The Impeachment
Justin Frosini
Bocconi University
Alexis Keys Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies

The Special Counsel Investigation (2017-2019)
Luigi Melica
 Salento University

The Budget Process
Luigi Testa
 Bocconi University

3:00pm  6:00pm

The President and the Judiciary
Chair: Luca Mezzetti University of Bologna

The Independence of the Judiciary in the Trump Era
Elisabetta De Franciscis 
University of Naples

Non-Deferential Judicial Checks and Balances and Presidential Policy
Roberto Toniatti
University of Trento

The Executive Privilege Under the Trump Presidency
Thomas H. Lee 
Fordham University

Reproductive Rights
Susanna Mancini University of Bologna

The Debate on Constitutional Interpretation in the Trump Era
Graziella Romeo
Bocconi University

Trump v. the Constitution
Corey Brettschneider
 Brown University

12 November

2:30pm 4:30pm

Immigration, National Security and Foreign Policy
Chair: Andrea Colli Bocconi University

Immigration Policy
Roberto Scarciglia
 University of Trieste

National Security
Arianna Vedaschi
 Bocconi University

Is There A Trump Foreign Policy Doctrine?
Mario Del Pero
 Sciences Po Paris

Fake News and President Trump
Elisa Bertolini
Bocconi University

Concluding Remarks
Oreste Pollicino
 Bocconi University

13 November

2:30pm 4:00pm

Administrative Law in the Trump Era

Chair: Romano Orrù University of Teramo

Trump as Chief Administrator
Jud Mathew 
Penn State

Administrative Law Under Trump
Mario Comba
 University of Turin

The Role of Administrative Agencies
Nausica Palazzo
 University of Trento

Independent Authorities
Claudia Sartoretti
University of Turin

4:30pm  6:00pm

Chair: Lorenzo Cuocolo Bocconi University

The Environmental Policies
Roberto Louvin
 University of Trieste

The Waste Management Policy
Marina Petri
Bocconi University

The Urban Policy
Antonello Tarzia 
University of Bari LUM

Labor Policy and Industrial Relations
Davide Zecca 
University of Pavia

Concluding Remarks
Rolando Tarchi 
University of Pisa

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