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The colours of the Cosmos

Light, with its immense, though finite speed, offers to astronomers a precious time machine for disentangling the evolution of the Universe and its celestial bodies since the initial Big-Bang.

As the naturalist reconstructs the biological evolution by comparing the primordial fossils hidden in the deepest layers of the earth, with the more recent and evolved ones found near the surface, so the astronomer collects informations on the primordial Universe by pushing the observation as far as possible. He compares the newly born galaxies observed far away with the “adult” ones seen nearby (“only” few million light years away).

About a century ago a competition started to offer to astronomers gigantic instruments sensitive to any kind of radiation, from gamma-rays to radio waves, to unveil the Cosmos and to better appreciate the variety of phenomena that take place in their full coloured beauty. 


Giuseppe Gavazzi, Astrophysics Professor University of Milano-Bicocca

Course schedule

  • When: First semester on Wednesday
    October 2, 9, 16
    November 6, 13, 20

  • Time: 6.00-7.30 pm

  • Where: Aula 11 (6 novembre in Aula 31)

To sign up

Registrations will be open from August 27 to September 17 on yoU@B


  • Lesson 1 The cosmic zoo
    a trip through space from earth to the remote universe. 

  • Lesson 2 — The distance ladder
    how to figure out distances in space.

  • Lesson 3 — Machinery
    the amazing tools of astronomy: telescopes and satellites

  • Lesson 4 — Galaxies
    The colorful world of galaxies

  • Lesson 5 Gravitation at work
    gravity shapes up astronomical bodies

  • Lesson 6 As time goes by
    The evolving universe

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