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We are committed to developing original and high-quality research in accounting. We promote research in a broad range of important sub-areas, including:

· Financial reporting, including the capital market consequences and real effects of accounting regulation, reporting quality, enforcement and corporate disclosures

· Financial and non-financial corporate communications and natural language processing

· Fundamentals-base equity valuation and portfolio construction

· Auditing regulation, audit quality, audit pricing and audit risk

· Corporate governance, including executive compensation, internal control, audit committee effectiveness

· Social and environmental reporting and corporate behavior

· Managerial performance measurement and control

· Data analytics, big data, machine learning and Blockchain

We maintain strong links with the international research community, through faculty service to international academic associations and participation in the major international conferences. The Department has an active research workshop series featuring internationally prominent speakers. Many of our faculty serve on the Editorial Boards of internationally excellent accounting journals.

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