Starting your application

You have to apply exclusively through the online application procedure which is available here  from 2 October 2023. The deadline to submit the application is 16 January 2024 at 23:59 CET (1 February 2024 at 23:59 CET for the PhD program in Statistics and Computer Science).
This deadline is not negotiable.

Please, consult the Technical Guidelines (available here) before starting the online application procedure.
The recommended browser to apply is Google Chrome.
For technical issues, please contact our Help Desk at:

In order to complete your application you will have to:

  • register in order to obtain Personal ID and password; please note that Bocconi students already have the required credentials;
  • enter the information in the spaces provided;
  • upload some documents;
  • submit the application.

Entering data and uploading documents:

You can access the on-line procedure more than once.

Entering data:

You will enter data on each section, then click on SAVE for each section; data can be modified and then saved by clicking on SAVE.

Uploading documents:

You will upload documents on each separate section; if changes are required, an uploaded document can be replaced with a new document, which will be saved automatically, or cancelled if you want no document to be uploaded. If more than one document needs to be uploaded, a zip file is to be created and then uploaded.

Submitting application:

First step:

You must click on SUBMIT DATA only

when no changes are needed in the DATA entered on each section. No data changes are allowed after clicking on SUBMIT DATA.

Second step:

You must click on SUBMIT APPLICATION only

when no changes are needed in each UPLOADS section. No data and/or uploads can be changed after clicking on SUBMIT APPLICATION.

In summary, you must click on SUBMIT DATA and SUBMIT APPLICATION only when you have finalized your application.

Applications are completed and can only be assessed after clicking on SUBMIT DATA and SUBMIT APPLICATION.

After submitting the application, the icon APPLICATION RECEIPT will appear and you will be able to print out the application receipt, that you should keep.

Should you need information about data and/or documents you need to submit, contact

You are allowed to apply for more than one PhD program, using the same ID and password; however, if you apply for more than one program, separate on-line procedures shall be used.

The application is free.